Narendra Modi is a multi-faceted personality, writes Amit Shah
17 September 2019 14:1:0

Today is the 69th birthday of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Since his early childhood, Modiji has devoted himself to the service of the nation. As a young man, he showed a strong inclination towards working for the uplift of the downtrodden. Born into a poor family, Modiji had a tough childhood, which motivated him to work for the poor and help them break the shackles of poverty. Apart from his devotion towards helping one and all, and serving humanity passionately, Modiji is also known for his organisational abilities and political fortitude. In 1987, when he was made the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s organisation secretary for Gujarat, the party had only 12 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) in the state. But Modiji’s organisational skills and political deftness made it possible for the party to capture 67 seats in the 1990 assembly elections. Then, in 1995, the BJP won 121 seats in Gujarat and formed the government in the state. Since then, the BJP has remained undefeated and its leaders have been continuously serving the people of Gujarat. Today, the party is a force to reckon with in Gujarat, and this has been made possible only due to the organisational base created by Modiji in the state and the development work he initiated during his chief ministership. Modiji also worked as the BJP’s national general secretary and had then sowed the seeds of the party’s pan-India growth. Today, the BJP is the world’s largest political party,